What Makes the Best Shopping Cart Software: 3 Features to Look For in a Shopping Cart Software

What are the most important features online purchasers need in a shopping cart? What makes the best shopping cart software?

The last step in the online purchasing process is the shopping cart. Losing a customer there can be much more frustrating than losing a customer at the beginning of the process.
The biggest problem for online retailers and website owners is shopping cart abandonment. Did you know that $4 trillion are abandoned in shopping carts annually?

The only good news is that over 60% is recoverable, if, of course, you are willing to invest extra effort.

The key to a successful sale is to provide a flexible, quick, and simple shopping cart experience. This keeps your purchasers from getting confused with what they are doing, where they are or frustrated by the lack of options available.

Choosing an ecommerce shopping cart software is not easy. Each software comes with a specific set of features, tools, add-ons, and options. Making the right choice sometimes seem impossible.

What makes the best shopping cart software?
Are there any features you should be looking for?

Besides common features like safe and secure payment processing, there are a few important features both customers and ecommerce website owners need in a shopping cart: ● Set options aside and just keep browsing the store: Often, customers want to use a shopping cart as a save for later. After some time, they want to come back and compare the options before making the final decision. ● Summary of what is in the shopping cart: To make sure the purchaser knows the value of each product, the shopping cart needs to include enough details. For example, when selling subscription products, you should include subscription schedule, set up fees, and more. Make sure you are displaying the prices as clear as possible. ● Easy upsell options: Using an upsell strategy can be a great method to increase average order value without investing a lot of effort. Your shopping cart system will make it simple for customers to update a product or for website owners to offer customized upsells based on what is in their shopping cart.
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When it comes down to shopping carts, there are hosted, custom-built, and API-integrated shopping carts:

➢ Hosted shopping carts:

Many ecommerce platforms offer hosted shopping carts. In this case, the cart is maintained by the platform. This is the simplest and cheapest shopping cart solution and requires little or no technical experience. Startups and small businesses usually use hosted shopping carts to start bringing in sales quickly. The biggest downside is that the user has little control over the features, functions, and navigation of the shopping cart.

➢ Custom-built:

If you already have your own development team with ecommerce experience, this is the perfect option for your business. Before using such shopping cart, you need to keep in mind that resources and development time may add up, projects can easily get out of scope, and it is important to take all of that into account. If you decide to use a custom-built shopping cart, you will have complete control over the details and be able to customize everything.

➢ API integration:

API integration allows you to have complete control over the store and user experience without hiring a development team. If you are skillful enough, you can set up an API integration. When needed, you can make changes in the shopping cart by yourself.

Now that you are more informed about what makes best shopping cart software, it is time to narrow down your options and pick the best ecommerce shopping cart for your online store.